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How Can I Change Desktop Icons in Windows 10

Windows 10 Desktop icons

Have you ever thought of changing the desktop icons on your Windows 10 PC? It might be boring to see the same name and icons on desktop all the time. If you want to configure desktop icons like you change the wallpaper, color of taksbar or anything else, read throught this tutorial to learn how to set up desktop and folder icons.

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Configure File Explorer to Meet Your Preferences

File Explorer

Wanna customize Windows’ File Explorer to better meet you needs? Windows 10 offers user many choices to configure its settings. For instance, if you want to display all the drives including the empty ones on your PC, you can perform the steps below:

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Easy Steps to Reset Apps in Windows 10


Sometimes Windows built-in apps don’t work well or crash for unknown reason. There are many ways you can try to make those apps behave well, and one of them is to reset the apps to their default state. Resetting Windows built-in apps will lose your preferences and sign-in information from the apps, but in certain cases it could be helpful to solve the problems of the apps. This post will demonstrate how to reset an app in Windows 10. Please follow the easy steps we list below in correct order.

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