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iOS Tips: Add A Website to iPhone’s Home Screen

Frequently visit several websites on your iOS devices? The standard way is to open up Safari and then navigate to the site using bookmarks or address bar. Would like to have a more convenient way to access to these sites or bookmarks? Surely you can.

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How to Make the Library Visible on macOS Sierra


Since OS X Lion, the Library folder has been hidden by default, and this trend cotinues even the latest Mac operating system macOS Sierra was released. As the Library folder contains many preferences, caches, plug-in and support data that install applications need to use, when you try to uninstall certain apps (especially those large applicaions like Adobe Photoshop CC, security software, or malicious programs), you might need to manually delete its leftovers over there. But how to do it right?

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How to Hide Photos on your macOS/iOS devices


The Photos built in your macOS or iOS devices is a great and default app to view, manage, edit and show off your pictures. Yet sometimes you may need to keep some private images away from public sight, and in that case you can hide pictures in Photos to avoid embarrassing moment or awkward situation. Here is how to do.

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Multiple Ways to Disable Sound Effects on Mac

When you move an item to the Trash, capture a screenshot, or paste a file in a folder, your mac will play a sound to notify you that the action has been performed. But if you don’t want to hear those paper crumpling and camera shutter sounds, how can you disable them? This post will show you the way to disable sound effects on Mac.


There are two options you can do the job. The conventional one is through System Preferences, and the second utilizes Terminal which requires more skill & experience.

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