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iOS Tips: Add A Website to iPhone’s Home Screen

Frequently visit several websites on your iOS devices? The standard way is to open up Safari and then navigate to the site using bookmarks or address bar. Would like to have a more convenient way to access to these sites or bookmarks? Surely you can.

To quickly access to your favorite websites on iOS devices, you can add a website shortcut to the home screen so that the webpage can be loaded in Safari instantly with just a tap. This post will show you how to create a homescreen icon for a website.

  1. Open Safari in your iPhone, and load the website you want to create a shortcut for.
  2. Tap the sharing icon (an arrow flying out of a box) at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Slide to the left from the list of available options and choose Add to Home Screen.
  4. Choose a name for the homescreen icon, and then tap Add on the upper right corner.

After that, a new icon with the name will appear on the screen, and you can place the icon to any location on the screen page. One tap on the icon will immediately load the webpage inside the Safari. See? The feature is quite handy, though often neglected.

Now you know how to create a handful of homescreen icons for quickly accessing to all you favorite websites. You can later make a dedicated Bookmarks folder for them. To create a folder in iOS, just touch-and-drag an icon onto another icon, hold it there for a moment, then folder will appear and you can type a name for the folder.

Only Safari browser offers this feature, and it exists in all versions of iOS. The sharing button look slightly different in the prior versions of Safari. Located next to the address bar, it looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing towards the right side.

Is this post helpful for you? Welcome to share some tricks you know about iOS 🙂


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