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Total Uninstaller Review: Handy Removal Tool for Windows


Windows users often come across uninstall issues when they are trying to get rid of unneeded, problematic, stubborn, and even malicious programs. When they search for a 3rd party uninstaller to deal with tough issues, they might get lost in finding the most suitable one to meet their demands. What is the most comprehensive and effective uninstaller for all level Windows users? Different users may have different answers.

In this post I test a relatively new but well-performed uninstaller (for Windows) called Total Uninstaller. I get to know this application when I search for the proper way to uninstall Rockstar Games Social Club. After using Total Uninstaller to remove several antivirus software and adware (like Web Companion), I surprisingly find that it does work well to help me get rid of notorious programs. Therefore I decide to write a review sharing my experience & explaining why Total Uninstaller is my favorite now.

Features & Effects of Total Uninstaller:

So how does Total Uninstaller work to resolve so many possible uninstall issues? Actually, it is quite simple and fast to remove any unwanted program using Total Uninstaller. This handy yet powerful uninstaller takes only 3 simple steps to nail it.


  •  Launch Total Uninstaller, select target program, and click Run Analysis.
  •  Hit Complete Uninstall > Yes, and then follow the onscreen instructions.
  •  Hit Delete Leftovers > Yes, and click OK in the dialog to finish the removal.

To deal with the hidden programs, plugins or widgets, you can activate the Force Mode function in Total Uninstaller to perform a clean uninstall. Here’s how to do:

  1. Open Total Uninstaller, and click Cannot find the program in the bottom.
  2. Click the button next to the blank box, and navigate to the directory where the item is stored, and click Scan button to proceed with Step 3.
  3. Once all related items are listed, click Delete Leftovers button and then Yes in the pop up dialog box to perform the deletion.

[How to Uninstall Rockstar Games Social Club With Total Uninstaller]

As you can see in the video demonstration, Total Uninstaller takes about one minute to fully uninstall Rockstar Games Social Club from Windows PC. Once click on the Back to Step 1 button, you will find the selected program has disappeared from the interface, and meanwhile disappeared from your system, without any trace left.

Reliability of Total Uninstaller:

As a utility designed for uninstalling programs on Windows, Total Uninstaller seems to do strictly what users ask it to do. I mean, it will only perform the uninstall after acquiring your confirmation, and you will be informed of each operation during the uninstall process.


No background process will be running without your knowledge. No extra steps will be taken except for the necessary one to delete selected files. No optional install will be offered when you run the setup wizard, and no suspicious move will be carried out to harm your computer. Total Uninstaller passes the VirusTotal detection and is rated as Safe. Totally truthworthy to install and use.

Pros & Cons of Total Uninstaller:

> Easy to use, intuitive interface, streamlined uninstall process.
> Scan out whole system and display all program components swiftly.
> Thoroughly removes target program, with no trace left, no error happens.
> Forcibly delete selected files, folders, programs, registry entries, etc.
> Full 64-bit Windows support, Windows 10 compatible, free updates.
> Provide money back guarantee, 24/7 technical support & quick response.


> Require users to uninstall multiple programs one by one.
> Only support Windows operating system, no Mac version released yet.
> Need to manually remove browser toolbar or plug-ins after uninstall.

What impresses me about this tool is its quick response when users encounter uninstall problems. I have to say that an uninstall utilty, no matter how powerful it could be, can still fail to cover all programs booming up in this network. If unluckily I run into a program Total Uninstaller fails to fully remove, I contact the tech support and soon receive feedback and a proper solution within a few hours or days.

Bottom line: Total Uninstaller is a comprehensive and powerful uninstall tool for all level Windows users. Overall, it can handles almost all uninstall tasks in the best way.

Benefits of Using Total Uninstaller:

Have you ever downloaded a program, used it for a couple of times, and then decided not to keep it any more? If you do that on a regular basis, using a professional and automated uninstall tool is a good choice to assist you in handling this task. Total Uninstaller is a lightweight, advanced and reliable program that saves you from performing laborious and complicated steps in Windows program removal task.


In brief, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution to tackle program removal, Total Uninstaller could be a suitable one to meet your expectation. Why not give it a try? Anyway, facts speak louder than words.


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