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Beats X Available with A Freebie of 3 Months of Apple Music


After almost 6 months’ delay, Apple’s Beats X wireless earbuds were finally hit stores on February 10 for the premium price of $149.95. Aside from the white and black color options that Apple already announced, the company unveiled two other options : gray and blue. The delivery for the last two colors is expected to take 2-3 weeks.

For those who has been waited the wireless earbuds for a long time, Apple seems to sweeten the Beats X purchase by offering a freebie: three full months of Apple Music, which worth nearly $30. Beats X buyers will find a card inside the products box that includes a code for three month of free Apple Music. It is reported that Apple has the plan to include this promo card in other Beats products as well like the Studio Wireless, Solo 3 Wireless, Powerbeats 3 Wireless, and Beats Pill+ for a limited time.

Every new Apple Music users are provided with a 3-month free trial. The subscription price per month is $9.99 for individuals, $14.99 for families, and $4.99 for students. The Music promotion bundled in the Beats X is specified to individual accounts.

There is a hot question on Reddit asking how to choose between Beats X and AirPods. With price comparisons, the Apple AirPods costs US$159 while the Beats X costs US$150. The Beats X review by CNET shows that the said earphones can match the Apple AirPods. It uses a Lightning connector for quick recharging. One full charge can support the battery life up to 8 hours, and Fast Fuel enables you to get 2 hours of listening time by charging them up for only 5 minutes. Powered by Apple W1 chip, the earbuds are also compatible with non-Apple devices like Android smartphones.

Desire to buy? You can pick up the pair of earbuds online or from local Apple store.


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