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How to Make the Library Visible on macOS Sierra


Since OS X Lion, the Library folder has been hidden by default, and this trend cotinues even the latest Mac operating system macOS Sierra was released. As the Library folder contains many preferences, caches, plug-in and support data that install applications need to use, when you try to uninstall certain apps (especially those large applicaions like Adobe Photoshop CC, security software, or malicious programs), you might need to manually delete its leftovers over there. But how to do it right?

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Nine Known Startup Companies Apple Inc. Acquired in 2016


Typically, Apple rarely disclose the details of its acquisitions and even refuse to confirm the purchases, making it difficult for outsiders to track. Business Insider concluded a list of 9 startup companies Apple has bought this year and briefly introduced what they mainly do. The list is not exhaustive as some of its purchases may have never been revealed. As expected, artificial intelligent is the dominant category in Apple’s acquisitions. Security, educational tech, fitness and entertainment are also involved in this list. Now let’s take a brief look at what these 9 startups are.

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