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How to Properly Uninstall Sketchup (or other Apps ) on Mac


Average users may install many apps but only keep some of them on their computers, which makes uninstallation a common topic in daily usage. Uninstalling an app on Mac can be quite easy but completely removing all the traces the app created on the system might be a little intractable. Do you know how to get rid of the app remnants?

To properly uninstall an app on Mac, you are supposed to perform these four steps. I will take “uninstall Sketchup” as an example, and the method works for most Mac apps.

Step 1. Shut down Sketchup before the uninstall

Make sure to quite all its related processes via Activity Monitor. To do so, open Activity Monitor from the Dock, Launchpad, or Spotlight, then identify and select the process with the name of the app (e.g. Sketchup). Then click on the Quit Process button, and click Quit button in the pop-up dialog to kill the running process.


Step 2. Uninstall Sketchup from Applications folder

To remove target app, open Finder and head to the Applications folder. From there you can locate Sketchup icon, and then drag the icon to the Trash icon on the Dock and drop it there. Or you can right click on Sketchup and choose Move to Trash. After that the app will be removed to the Trash. Don’t rush to empty the Trash now.

How to Properly Uninstall Sketchup (or other Apps ) on Mac (4).png

Step 3. Detect Sketchup leftovers in Mac system

What upsets most users is that Sketchup cannot be thoroughly removed from their Macs. Associated traces still linger or even pop up to annoy users after the app has been uninstalled by conventional way. To deal with this issue, you will need to detect and delete all components pertaining to the app around the whole system.


To locate related files and folders remaining after the standard uninstall, you can perform these operations. First click the Go from the Menu Bar in the Finder, and select the option Go to Folder. Then type /Library in the box and hit Enter key. Once the folder is open, type Sketchup in the Search Bar, and click the Library next to the Search: entry. Now you can identify and delete the matched items from the search result. Repeat the search in the folder ~/Library to fully remove those app leftovers.

Step 4. Empty the Trash (last point)

After the detection you can see those deleted items as well as the app in the Trash. If you decide to remove Sketchup permanently, right click on the Trash icon, choose Empty Trash and then click OK button. All the things in the Trash will be deleted instantly and the act is irrevocable. So make sure to take this step with great caution.


Here are the necessary steps when you are trying to uninstall Sketchup on Mac OS X. If you need to uninstall apps frequently, consider using a reputable uninstall tool capable of perfectly handling the job for you. You can refer to the details of uninstalling Sketchup both manually and automatically in this removal tutorial.

Video Demonstration – How to Uninstall Apps on Mac using Professional Tool

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