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How to Hide Photos on your macOS/iOS devices


The Photos built in your macOS or iOS devices is a great and default app to view, manage, edit and show off your pictures. Yet sometimes you may need to keep some private images away from public sight, and in that case you can hide pictures in Photos to avoid embarrassing moment or awkward situation. Here is how to do.

1.Hide photos/videos on iOS devices:

> Open your Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, and then tap on the Camera Roll.
> Tap on Select from the top right corner, and then tap on the photos you want to hide.
> Tap on the Share button (up arrow icon), and choose Hide from the lower menu.
> Tap on Hide in the pop-up menu to confirm the change.

Now the selected photos will be hidden from Moments, Collections and Years but still visible in Albums. If you want to unhide the photos from those hidden albums, you can repeat the same steps and choose Unhide from the Share submenu.

2.Hide photos/videos on macOS:

> Launch Photos from the Applications folder, Launchpad or Spotlight.
> Select the photos or videos you want to hide. To select adjacent photos, you can click the first image, hold down on the Shift key, and click the last image. To select nonadjacent, hold the Command key and continue clicking on multiple photos.
> Control-click the photos, and then click Hide Photo option. Or you can go to Image menu and choose the option there. Or you can press Command + L to hide a photo.
> When prompted, click on Hide Photo button in the pop-up confirmation box.

Doing so will place your selected photos in an album called Hidden. The album is by default hidden from the sidebar and the Albums section of Photos. If you want to unhide the album, go to the View menu on the top bar and choose Show Hidden Photo Album from the list. But I suggest you to keep the Hidden album out of sight.

It is quite easy to learn, right? Share your idea in the comment section below.


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