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How to Properly Uninstall Sketchup (or other Apps ) on Mac


Average users may install many apps but only keep some of them on their computers, which makes uninstallation a common topic in daily usage. Uninstalling an app on Mac can be quite easy but completely removing all the traces the app created on the system might be a little intractable. Do you know how to get rid of the app remnants?

To properly uninstall an app on Mac, you are supposed to perform these four steps. I will take “uninstall Sketchup” as an example, and the method works for most Mac apps.

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How to Hide Photos on your macOS/iOS devices


The Photos built in your macOS or iOS devices is a great and default app to view, manage, edit and show off your pictures. Yet sometimes you may need to keep some private images away from public sight, and in that case you can hide pictures in Photos to avoid embarrassing moment or awkward situation. Here is how to do.

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Windows 10 Build 14971 Rolling out to PC Insiders


Microsoft Released Windows 10 Build 14971 for PC to Insiders in the Fast ring. The update comes with a couple of minors new features, a number of improvements, usual bug fixes, and also a few known issues. It is only available for PC devices this time around. Mobile users on the Slow ring can now upgrade to Build 14965.

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‘Find My iPhone’ might work even Your Phone Powers off


If owners enable password or fingerprint protection on their iPhones, they could locate their stolen phones from iCloud accounts. But this feature is unable to work on the occasion when the device is turned off and the SIM is removed. Now Apple has patented a new technology to keeps ‘Find My iPhone’ active when the device is turned off, so that you will be able to locate stolen iPhone even if it is powered off.

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