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Multiple Ways to Disable Sound Effects on Mac

When you move an item to the Trash, capture a screenshot, or paste a file in a folder, your mac will play a sound to notify you that the action has been performed. But if you don’t want to hear those paper crumpling and camera shutter sounds, how can you disable them? This post will show you the way to disable sound effects on Mac.


There are two options you can do the job. The conventional one is through System Preferences, and the second utilizes Terminal which requires more skill & experience.

Way 1: System Preferences

  • Open System Preferences by clicking on its icon on the Dock, or you can access to the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen, and select “System Preferences”.
  • When the System Preferences panel shows up, click on the icon labelled “Sound”.
  • In the “Sound Effects” tab, uncheck the box say“Play user interface sound effects”.
  • If you want to enable the sound effects again, check the box to roll back the change.


Way 2: Utilities >Terminal

  • Launch the Terminal from Applications > Utilities folder, Launchpad or Spotlight.
  • Copy and paste the following command into Terminal, and then hit Enter key:
    defaults write “” -int 0
  • If you want to bring back the sound effects back, you will have to run the command:
    defaults write “” -int 1


Once the sound effects are disabled, your Mac will stay muted when you are performing that kind of action we mentioned above. Making use of the terminal is more suitable for those who are familiar with this tool and script writing. Some users may need to add this change to a script that make multiple changes happen at once.

You can set the volume to mute to temporarily disable the sound effects as well.

Is this article helpful for you? Have you tried Terminal on your Mac? Feel free to leave your comment here. To get more Mac tutorials(e.g. how to get rid of μTorrent on mac?), follow us and keep updated!


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