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How to Change Safari’s Download Folder on Your Mac


By default, every time you download files from Safari, the files end up in your Download folder. You will need to open Finder, navigate to the Download folder, and drag your file to other place, e.g. your desktop. If you would like to save your files somewhere else, you can right click on the download link and choose “Download Linked File As” option. But also, you can change the default download folder in your Safari, in a few clicks. Here are the simple steps to configure this setting.

Open Safari, click the Safari icon in the top menu bar, and select Preferences from the list. On the General tab of the Preferences window, click the “File download location” drop-down menu, and click Other option from the list. Then your will be presented with a list of folders on your Mac. Navigate to the desired folder in this window, or create a new folder as you like, and click on the Select button. Now you are back to the General tab, and you can verify if the “File download location” is set as your desired folder. If it is, then yes, you have changed the default download folder now. Now all the files downloaded in Safari will be saved in the appointed folder.

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