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Easy Steps to Reset Apps in Windows 10


Sometimes Windows built-in apps don’t work well or crash for unknown reason. There are many ways you can try to make those apps behave well, and one of them is to reset the apps to their default state. Resetting Windows built-in apps will lose your preferences and sign-in information from the apps, but in certain cases it could be helpful to solve the problems of the apps. This post will demonstrate how to reset an app in Windows 10. Please follow the easy steps we list below in correct order.

  • Click the Start menu and choose Settings from the list.
  • When the Settings app opens, click on System to expand new window.
  • Then click on Apps & Features on the left side of the window.
  • As all the apps you have installed are displayed on the right side, scroll though until you find the app you wanna reset.
  • Once you locate the app, click on it and then on the link called Advanced options.
  • As the Advanced options of the selected app is loaded, click the Reset button, and you will be warned that this act will “permanently delete the app’s data on this device including your preferences and sign-in details”.
  • Click the Reset button again, and a few seconds later the Settings app will tell you the app has been reset.
  • Now you can close the Settings app.

After the reset the app will be like first installed on your device, and next time you run that app, you will need to configure it again. A quick way to repair a problematic app is to reset it to the initial state and settings. But keep in mind that this way works for the apps distributed through Windows Store. If resetting the app cannot help fix the problems it causes, leave your question here and we will help you out later.

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